BEE Affidavit

BEE Affidavit Application

A BEE Affidavit shows that your business is Completely BEE Compliant and makes it easier to apply to large corporate entities, government departments and for tenders.

Only R595.00 for a BEE Affidavit application.

BEE Affidavit for Sole Proprietors, Close Corporations and Companies with turnover under R10m.

1. We draw up BEE Affidavit according to Government Regulation.
2. We email BEE Affidavit to you within ±48 hours.
3. You sign BEE Affidavit in front of Commissioner of Oaths (e.g. policeperson or bank manager).
4. You may now use your BEE Affidavit for 1 year to prove business ownership and BEE status.

To: CLOUDBEE - a unit of Fixed Accounting Services CC, Main Road, Somerset West, South Africa, 7130
Tel.: 0861BUSINESS or 021 852-4444

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